• Neon Pink

    Neon Pink

              I don't have a single favorite color. If I did, it'd probably be pink. It's such a happy color. How 'happy' is my outfit by the way? I felt like all eyes were on me...
  • Happy 26th Birthday to Me

    Happy 26th Birthday to Me

                You already know how excited I get on my birthday each year :D :D Right now I'm typing this with a huge grin on my face...as in, I can't even help myself. lol Th...
  • …Like Wine

    …Like Wine

                 Are you missing out on the important things? As women, we are natural "worriers". We can be necessarily hard on ourselves too! In addition to the pressure, expe...
  • Patched-Up Pretty

    Patched-Up Pretty

          I'm completely obsessed with embroidery. I can't have enough of 'em- roses, patches, studs, sticke...
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